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Automated Marketing

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Social Media marketing and content marketing are key in today's startup economy. Not only for B2C companies, but B2B as well. Social media and networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Linkedin have become sales conversion havens - all with the consumer expectation of constant, quality content production.

Of course, managing even one account on each of these platforms for a business gets to be chaotic fairly quickly. In fact, managing content promotion on a platform like Twitter - where the expectation of constancy is higher than on any other social media outlet, can be outright daunting.  

I learned the hard way. By failing time and time again to maintain engagement across my ventures. In fact Blacklist commanded a reach of over 1M people on a weekly basis with 10% engagement. But once the manual posting stopped - the engagement fell off. 

However, with failure (and persistence) comes knowledge! I found that choosing your content distribution channels wisely trumps having a social media account on every medium. Personally, I think the following two are the best audience builders hands down (with low-management): 

  • Facebook 
  • Instagram 

Twitter can be a good resource IF you are personally good with using the outlet - otherwise your desperation tweets aren't converting (or fooling) anyone. 


But enough chit-chat! Where's all the automation talk at? Well here it is.

I've found that building automation chains across social media networks, originating from your blog is the most efficient, high quality, and constant manner in which to engage your audience with content they actually care about. The latter requires scripts, tools, and creativity. Let's go over where we can find some of these at: 

  1. Develop your landing page in WordPress using ThemeForest
    • Trust me, as a software engineer, I HATE saying this given that you can truly only have FULL customization by developing it yourself, but this saves a great amount of time for a very good looking online presence. 
  2. WordPress Plugins are LIT!
    • Automate Posting Blogs with Draft Scheduler
    • Automate Video Posts with WP Video Robot 
      • Video content is KING on Facebook. Views convert to likes, likes convert to extended reach, and that widens your overall funnel for potential conversions -> $$$
    • Automate Newsletters with Contact Forms 7 and RSS MailChimp Campaigns
    • Integrate Contact Forms (Contact Forms 7)
    • Integrate Subscribe Form (Again..Contact Forms 7)
    • Integrate Payments..etc.
  3. Hidden Secret Tools
    • There are a few tools very few people know about. I will share them with you because you're a lovely person: 
      1. Follow Liker - the ultimate automated interaction tool for Tumblr, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest. IG Empires are quite literally built off of this program. Get unlimited for the channels of your choice. STRATEGY REQUIRED in settings config.  
      2. Zapier - Create multiple accounts and integrate the following: 
        • Connect RSS Feeds to your WordPress for auto-blogging 
        • Connect your WordPress Blog to Facebook for auto-posting
        • Connect your Instagram to your Twitter for auto-tweeting when you post on IG
        • USE CREATIVITY to connect more!
      3. FaceDominator - Automation tool for Facebook 
  4. Scripts
    • Being a business-savvy engineer has its perks. Developing scripts that automate lead generation from Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook will help you target potential consumers fairly quickly. 

Even I am still learning how to minimize marketing effort and maximize engagement via the use of automated, strategic marketing. I have come to master many tools and have found ways to get these tools to run 24/7 behind the content curation needed on the front-end from time to time.

If you ever want to connect on these skills or even trade strategies, I would love to do so!