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  • Filled Under: Brand Identity, Web Design, Pet Projects

Blacklist is Flipboard from the African American perspective, customizing news content media, and trending topics for people of color based on their interests. We are trying to reinvent black media by bringing it into the mobile age - evolving the "conversation around diversity" into an interactive, cultural experience that users can actively engage with.

One thing I began noticing as I grew into a young adult was the lack of diversity on the screen. Whether it be via the movies, news, or even published content, the Americanized "Black image" was often showcased, but seldomly projected in an authentic fashion from a Black source.

The truth of the matter became so pervasive that it began to affect me psychologically - I began to think in stereotypes against members of my own cultural community as a subconscious default, having to consciously correct myself. America's diversity-poor media was altering my own Black pride.

That is when I decided to develop my own solution to the lack of diverse, QUALITY media in the Black community. I began to develop "Blacklist," the Flipboard for the Black community, in React Native, and quite literally learned mobile development to make this project a reality.

The idea quickly materialized, as my co-founder is a brilliant UX and UI designer. We developed the prototype at no cost (but our time) and won University of Michigan's TEDx Champions award very shortly after we made the project public.

As we iterate through the various Alpha versions of the mobile application, we rely on harsh feedback to better curate the content of Black publishers across the Internet. In doing so, we will bring a level of mobile quality that the Black community has not experienced (yet) in this age of smartphones and mobile application technology.

If you would like to become a Alpha+ tester (and have an iPhone/iPod Touch), please reach out to me via my email @ Stay tuned!