The story

Product Development For Good

I work on products and programs that empower marginalized community members and affect positive change to deep societal challenges.

My mission is to leverage emerging technology to drive social and public sector solution development, drive community programming to educate youth of color, and help organizations develop sustainable social impact strategies.

Technology is amoral. It is humanity that inserts empathy into its use of technology.

Brought up amongst the rolling hills of Atlanta, Georgia, I was introduced to reality of systemic inequality through life experiences growing up in "Black America" and the songs of Wu-Tang Clan and Public Enemy sang from my father's cassette tapes. Such a reality spurred my passion for activism and, in parallel with my growth as an industrial engineer at the University of Michigan, I found a natural calling to leverage technology for good.

Since my days as a Wolverine, I have worked for the likes of American Express, Goldman Sachs, Teach for America, Cisco Systems, and, most recently ConsenSys.

My passion in life is to empower under-resourced communities by developing product-centric social enterprises and social impact programming.

Guess What

A testament to good work.

Blockchain Advisor of the Year (ConsenSys Australia)
Blockchain Australia, ADCA
Top 100 Fintech for SDGs Influencer
Lattice80 x FinTech4Good
U.S. Government's First Blockchain Grant
U.S. State Department
BSIC Innovation Awardee
Blockchain for Social Impact
Cisco HackIT Global Finalist
Cisco Systems
Entrepreneur in Residence - Nomsy
SPARK Ann Arbor
TEDx Champion - Blac(k)list
University of Michigan TEDx
Portfolio Entrepreneur - Nomsy
Coolhouse Labs
Entrepreneurial Fellow