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The emerging technology ecosystem is, sadly, just as exclusive as its traditional-tech predecessor, bringing all the structural implicit bias and gate-kept opportunity boundaries right along with it.

Fortunately, in an effort to provide a wider swathe of solution builders a chance at experiencing the blockchain community more deeply, I had the chance to develop the programmatic groundwork of the Ethereum Foundation’s Scholarship Program – aptly named the “Devcon Scholars Program.”


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The largest scholarship program in blockchain.

The Devcon Scholars Program is an Ethereum Foundation initiative designed to provide an opportunity for Ethereum ecosystem-members from underserved communities, unique circumstances, or developing areas to attend the largest annual gathering in the Ethereum ecosystem.

The 2019 edition provided full scholarships to over 50 scholars from 25 different countries including Afghanistan, Argentina, Egypt, Nigeria, Sweden and Syria among others. The aim? Enable learning, connection, and growth together with others in the blockchain space, before, during and after Devcon V in Osaka, Japan.

Program Results

As a collaborative effort between the Ethereum Foundation, Bounties Network, ConsenSys and UNICEF Innovation, the Scholars program focused on enabling participants to tap into the possibilities of blockchain through the lens of their own experiences, skillsets and wide-ranging levels of blockchain knowledge. 

By going beyond simply providing travel and conference accommodation, the Scholars curriculum included exclusive programming, professional networking opportunities and individual guidance from key Ethereum ecosystem builders. 

As the program iterates, new experiences, empowering moments, and scholars will iterate on our work to become future ecosystem leaders!

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