Leveraging blockchain to track the donation and resale of pre-loved luxury goods

LUXARITY, the social enterprise of Lane Crawford Joyce, hosts an annual pre-loved luxury pop-up in Hong Kong  to fundraise for grants that support sustainable fashion.
Donors have always had limited visibility into how much value their donated goods bring to the grant fundraising effort, nor do they know how much is raised.

Integrating the use of blockchain technology to effortlessly track which items are donated, how much they’re re-sold for, and how much each donor contributed.

2018 LUXARITY Hong Kong Pop-up

Nonprofits face serious challenges regarding trust: About one-third of Americans don’t trust charitable groups to spend their funds well, and more than 60% of people globally don’t have faith that groups can accomplish their missions.

However, nonprofits with a proven transparency record average 53% more in contributions compared to organizations that don’t have a similar track record.

Working with LUXARITY, I both architected and engineered a web application and API that could empower pop-up consumers to allocate their sales revenue to certain grantee initiatives and track every re-sold items to provide item donors with 100% fundraising transparency.

What We Delivered

Together, we established a blockchain-based platform that brings unprecedented transparency and accountability into the tracking of charitable donations. On the platform, customers have the opportunity to decide which cause their donations would fund — including education on ethical consumption, environmental causes, and recycling efforts.