Senior Product Manager for Good

Raised in the rolling hills of Atlanta, Georgia, I am a Senior Product Manager with an industrial and software engineering background obsessed with emerging technology, social impact, and diversity & inclusion.

I have lived through every part of the product development process – shipping code as a software engineer, developing and pitching sales decks as a venture architect, analyzing competitors as a market strategist, developing programing as a D&I coordinator, and leading teams as a CEO and product manager. Through these experiences, I have developed keen insights around team management, bootstrapped value creation, and developing strategy (and products) that serve the bottom line AND generate social impact.

More formally, I have 7+ years of software engineering experience, 5+ years of blockchain engineering and architecture experience, and 6+ years of product and program management experience. I graduated from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor (Go Blue!) as an Industrial Engineer and received my MBA from the Goizueta School of Business at Emory University.

Beyond education, I have led over 30 projects across commercial, social, and public sectors, generating approximately $10 million in total value. Previous clients include the U.S. State Department, UNOPS, Harvard, the World Wildlife Fund, the Red Cross, Black Girls CODE, and New America among many others.

Ultimately, I am an adaptable, cross-functional,  self-learning contributor looking to make sustainable impact through product and program development.


Impact Driven

A Case Study: Leading Blockchain for Social Impact

In 2017, the ‘blockchain for social impact’ community had not yet been born, and many governments and NGOs were still learning what the technology was, let alone how to apply it to complex, social issues. Between 2017 and 2020, along with my team at ConsenSys, we sparked international thought leadership and project delivery to support the growth of the Ethereum ecosystem and aid major NGOs and governmental agencies leverage blockchain technology in their solutions.

  • Led development and deployment of 17 projects
  • Generate over $6 million in Advertising Value Equivalency (AVE) via PRs
  • Co-founded firm’s Social Impact & Diversity & Inclusion programs
  • Instituted many of the first social sector blockchain pilots
  • Worked with Red Cross, Oxfam, UNOPS, and the U.S. State Dept.
  • Co-founded first blockchain for social impact consortium in industry (BSIC)

With a maximum team size of 6 people, and a minimum team size of 1 person (myself), our performance over the years has been on an incline while minimizing project development costs and maximizing the increase in the firm’s brand equity.

Robby is a deeply brilliant and passionate person, whose work in our emergent ecosystem embodies the truest senses of empowerment. I've had the absolute pleasure to get to collaborate together within the ConsenSys Grants program, as well as be nothing short of inspired by his lead in the Devcon Scholars program for diversity in Ethereum. Results, action, solutions, and integrity are the core DNA of Robby's work and approach.

Gabrielle MichelettiFellow at cLabs

I had the pleasure of working with Robby on several projects at ConsenSys. He did an excellent job in leading the software development while acting as an individual contributor and educator alongside a variety of engineering levels. Robby has the most extensive and diverse knowledge of blockchain technology than anyone I have interacted with, and others even frequently contacted him for advice. A personable and highly technical employee, I can’t recommend him highly enough.

Justin GuytonSoftware Engineer, Coinbase

Robby and I worked closely on several blockchain/web application development projects. He is a talented frontend engineer with a great understanding of the blockchain environment. Augmenting his skill are a tremendous work ethic, personable demeanor, and passion for solving challenging problems, especially in the Social Impact space. This combination of soft and hard skills allows him to lead deliverables throughout a project's lifecycle, as well as rise to the challenges of solution architecture design, public speaking, or whatever he sets his mind on.

Scott FronsdahlSoftware Engineer, Procurant

I've worked with Robby in a couple of projects, but most of all I've seen Robby work. And it's hard to express in words how passionate he is about what he does. Besides being extremely good technically, he can also step it up when it comes to the business side of things. But most importantly, he is an extremely socially aware person, and anyone would be lucky to have him on their team.

Guilherme CamposFounder at Impactum

Robert has been a gem of a resource with a wealth of knowledge and a genuine passion to improve on the world and society through applications in technology. He’s always accessible, thoughtful, humble, and oriented around results. I look forward to his continued advice and perspective. He’s been a privilege to know!

Stephanie A. ThomasImpact Venture Investor, Impact America Fund

I worked with Robert on IOS mobile application for their startup called Nomsy and it was one of the best experiences I had. Not only he is pleasant, friendly and positive person, but also he is highly professional client who knows how to make thing done in a wright way. We has great communication skills and presents his ideas and opinions in a easy and understandable way. Great client and I hope to work with him again!

Mateja BartolovicArt Director, Cinnamon