Bridging the $2.5 trillion gap to achieve the SDGs

Currently, there’s no robust and efficient mechanism for identifying and enabling projects that will advance the Sustainable Development Goals, and a disconnect between promising solution discovery and funding. Thus, project leaders often have to spend up to 50% of their time applying for seed and growth funds, rather than developing and improving their projects, ventures, products and services.

Impactio enables global collaboration to curate, fund and deliver impactful projects at scale.

Experience Impactio

2Yrs of Iteration

I co-created Impactio in 2017 and piloted the product over 2 years before demonstrating a public pilot in 2019. The product development process leveraged a design-thought methodology, seeking to marry the capabilities of blockchain technology with the product curation obstacles major NGOs face in the social sector.


Diagnosing the problem


Mapping benefits to features


Product validation and trialing

What We Delivered

Impactio was developed over 2 product iterations, a proof-of-concept that was piloted internally to WWF Australia, and a minimal viable product demonstrated in an internationally public pilot. The making of Impactio took hundreds of hours of design workshopping, thousands of hours of software engineering, and continues to undergo market strategy alignment to make sure we’re always solving pressing issues in the project curation and grant management sectors.

Impactio by the Numbers


Grant funds provided to finalist projects (AUSD)


countries represented in project submissions


Hours spent curating project submissions