Evolving Worker Wellness Reporting

Low-road capitalism has created a pattern of continually exploiting value from the poorest and most vulnerable members of our global society. Many international supply chains are reliant on cheap and unprotected labor to, ultimately, get your online order to your door a day earlier than expected.

As the first blockchain grant recipient from the U.S. State Department, and in collaboration with New America, Harvard University’s public health graduate school, and Levi Strauss & Co, I co-led an initiative at ConsenSys to make the process of factory workers reporting on their employer experiences safer, more transparent, and tamper-proof with the help of blockchain technology.

Anonymized Reporting

Actionable Reporting Insights

Wellness Reporting Transparency & Analytics

Our team progressed through several solution iterations in an effort to build a blockchain-enabled surveying tool that factory workers can easily use with full reporting anonymity. Each survey answer is immediately hashed on the Ethereum blockchain for immutable reference, and the resulting anonymized and aggregated analytics are automatically generated in real-time as reports are submitted.

The open source initiative empowers retailers to understand how well their manufacturing vendor partners treat their employees and empowers factories to improve their worker wellness program via employee feedback.


worker surveys administered in the first pilot


survey answers hashed on the blockchain